I love Fall, until I get sick. 
This year I've welcomed the cool weather the worst way possible: high fever, headache and some days in bed. The consequence: I've started hating Fall. 
Fall, which has always been my favorite season, is now becoming a sad and dark time of the year. As a kid, though, I loved cold and rainy days, I remember waiting for them and being really excited. I clearly prefered Winter before Summer. I guess people change, but I'm not going to stop thinking that Fall is one of the most beautiful moments of the year because of that, so this is why today I write this post as a reminder to myself of all the good things one of the coldest seasons of the year brings us. These are my 5 reasons to love Fall. 

 Me encanta el otoño, hasta que me pongo mala. 
Y es que este año he recibido al frío de la peor forma posible: fiebre, dolor de cabeza y unos cuantos días en la cama. La consecuencia: he empezado a odiar el otoño. 
La que siempre ha sido mi estación favorita, ahora se está convirtiendo en una época del año triste y oscura. De niña, en cambio, me encantaban los días fríos y lluviosos, los esperaba con muchas ansias y prefería el invierno antes que el verano. Supongo que las personas cambian, pero no por eso voy a dejar de pensar que el otoño es la estación más bonita del año, así que hoy os escribo (y me escribo) este post cómo recordatorio de todas las cosas buenas que una de las 2 estaciones más frías del año nos trae consigo. Estas son mis razones para amar el otoño.
fashion blogger outfit for fall fashion blogger outfit for fall-2 fashion blogger outfit for fall-3
Coat: Pimkie / Jeans: Zara / Purse: Zara

  • The most beautiful range of colors
Orange, brown, yellow. All these colors start to get out of our wardrobes as Fall approaches. Even though I love fashion, I have to say that I love to see all these colors mainly in nature. For me, it's a privilege being able to presence this transformation of the trees and plants that, with no doubt, inspires me and gives me the best feelings.
We truly live in a really beautiful world.

  • The best food of the year
I guess the title of this section is pretty relative, but really, who doesn't carve a cup of hot chocolate in Fall?
Hot coffee, apple pie freshly taken out of the oven, sweet potato with sugar. To be honest, I am already getting hungry. I personally think food is one of the best pleasures of life, so it is worth it to wait until Fall to eat these amazing treats, the experience is a whole lot different.
With no doubt, this is one of my main reasons to remember that Fall can be a wonderful season too.

  • New trends in the fashion world
Fall also comes to the fashion world. The cold is here, and so do new garments to face it. Even though this year it was a bit late when cold days finally arrived (and it will continue the same if we don't stop damaging the Earth), stores started preparing their shelves really soon as usual. This year we can miss plaid blazers, embroidered jeans, baker boy hats and lots and lots of berets (preferably the red ones, which I am in love with). I shared some of them in my last favorites of the month post, which was the October edition.

  • Cold, but also warm days
Fall is a way lot better if it comes with a smoth blanket, a good movie and my bed! Mostly after a good workout session (sorry not sorry). Sadly, I would have to reduce the quantity of days I spend doing this and substitute the blanket and movie for my desk and my school books (and hundreds of essays). This is what it's like to be a college student (university student problems).
Even so, this stills being one of my favorite plans for Sundays (or at least some of them).

  •  Nightmare before Christmas
What mostly reminds me of Fall has 9 words: Halloween! But it's not a nightmare for me though. It's like a dream come true.
Even though it's pretty obvious the level of globalization that this festivity has suffered, I have to say I don't see this as a bad thing. I'm from Spain, so Halloween hasn't always been celebrated here as a tradition, it came from the United States. However, in some way I think sharing festivities and days like these with other countries is not a bad thing, it's a way of opening to the world.
Sincerely, I love it mostly because of cinema listings, they are full of horror and thriller movies by this time of the year.

The end of today's post is coming. I really hope you liked it and if Fall isn't one of your favorite seasons yet, I hope that at least these 5 reasons helped you to see ways from a different point of view. Maybe a bit more orangy, or yellowish, who knows...


Photo by me.

I think bloggers' main purpose should be to inspire others. 
When I find myself in the middle of a "lack of ideas" crisis, I always take a look at my favorite blogs. Not to copy them or what they post (that would be illegal), but to find inspiration in what they do.
I post my own original content, that means everything I write here comes from no one else but myself. So sometimes looking up to those who have more experience in the field can be so encouraging and a boost of energy.
As a blogger, I want to not just inspire people, but also to help them. Blogs are written in order to be read by people, so why not share with you all those tips I apply to my daily life to make yours better too?
Today I want to talk you about how I became a morning person in just 7 days. And trust me, if I did it, there's no doubt you will be capable to do it too.

  • Go to bed early

This may seem a really obvious tip, but when it comes to the practic it's something just a few ones do. We like to stay up late watching Stranger Things, or sometimes we have to because of work. Anyways, going to bed earlier means you're going to be able to wake up earlier as well. So you will have the possibility to invest those extra hours in the morning to do the stuff you would normally get done at night.

  • Set just one alarm
Some people don't like this, but it actually works for me pretty well. It's like a mental game I play with myself. For example: if I set 3 alarms at 7:00, 7:05 and 7:10, I know I'm going to ignore the first two ones and wake up at 7:10 anyway. On the contrary, if I set just one alarm at 7:00am, I know this is the only chance I'm going to have to get up. Otherwise, I'm gonna fall asleep again and miss my college classes (and I'm not letting that happen, because one girl must pass the exams).

  • Get your outfit ready the night before
Choosing what you are going to wear the night before is always the better option. If you struggle with waking up early, don't wait till the morning (you still asleep and you barely know what you're seeing) to make a decision as important as this one. Otherwise, you could be making some decisions you'll regret forever. Trust me, I have some experience at that. Make sure you have time enough to choose exactly the outfit you want to wear, so you won't be in a hurry when you wake up and you'll have time for more important things (like eating).

  • Find something that motivates you
This may seem really sad, like I don't have any reason to live or something. But that's not what I'm talking about, what I mean is that excitement can help us wake up early too. Feeling excited because there's something you want to do more than sleeping will increase your desire to get out of bed the fastest possible. For example: maybe you've got a date and you have to get ready, or you have a really cool plan for the day, or you just want to get active and put your body to work. That can be the fuel that boosts your energy.

  • Think about breakfast
Whether I like it or not, food is one of my biggest desires when I wake up. Lately it has been working out and blogging too, but food is always my first priority. On a daily basis I'm hungry from minute 0 when I wake up, so the first thing I do is go to the kitchen and prepare my breakfast. Thinking about what I'm going to eat motivates me so much, maybe a little too much even. But breakfast is the most important meal of the day, kiddos, so it's important not to miss it (or at least that's what I tell to myself after eating a boul of cereal that's bigger than my head).

Thanks for reading, 


It's movie time again. 
Today, I partenered with Twinkledeals to show you my style guide inspired by Lolita, a film released in 1997 and directed by Adrian Lyne.

I came across Lolita thanks to a song by Lana del Rey, who actually reminds me a bit of the character.
To be honest, this movie is still written on my "must watch" list, but hopefully this post will help me to investigate and know a bit more about this controversial character. Despite that, I must make clear that I'm not going to talk about the aspects of her personality and her role in the movie, on the contrary, I prefer to focus on things that are more evident to the eye. Basically, fashion. I want to introduce you this character as the style icon that she is for me.

I think when it comes to style, Lolita is pretty predictable. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, but she has a really defined style, so you can kind of predict what kind of clothes she likes to wear. She's really femenine and preppy. That includes short flowy dresses, bright colors, babydoll necks, two piece sets, florals, off-the-shoulder tops, frilly socks, oxfords and too much red. Red lips and braided hair are two of her most characteristic atributes, along with her iconic heart-shaped sunglasses.
She's classy and so 50s, something we always associate with innocence, purism and tradition. In this case, fashion is key to create this contrast between what Lolita looks like and who she actually is. She may be a 14-year-old girl and she may look like one, but she definitely doesn't act like one. 

No matter who she falls in love with, she stills being a kid after all, so she dresses up as one. Anyways, I like to say that hers is come kind of "interrupted innocence", since she is much more mature and intelligent than what she wants to pretend, so that is why the power of fashion is really obvious here.

What I find really interesting about the movie and its fashion aspects is the fact that many of the styles and outfits Lolita wears are still fashionable nowadays. You can find retro prints and classic fitted cuts practically everywhere, and I even wear them myself! So to prove that it is possible to dress like Lolita in the 21th century, here are a few necessary pieces to match her style and create an outfit show could still wear in 2017.

  • Vichy Clothes
When it comes to prints, vichy is a must. I picked up two tops, since they have a similar cut to the ones she wears in the movie. The first one is this off-the-shoulder top with really flowy sleeves, and the second one is a bit more childish because of the laces on the straps.

  • Pink
The third top has a different print and its made of a different material, but it definitely keeps following this pattern of femenine garments that transmit innocence and ingenuinity. Pale pink also reflects purity and elegance, and it also gives a classic touch. 

If there's something you don't want to miss when trying to resemble Lolita's style it's her sunglasses.  Even though she wears round sunglasses in the 1997 version, it's the original 1962 movie that turned those heart-shaped sunglasses into such an iconic complement of the character. You can find a similar ones here and here. What is even better, they are on trend again, so it is actually pretty easy to find a pair in most of the stores. Despite that, it's something I wouldn't wear on a daily basis, but I would definitely go for a round sunglasses like the ones she wore in the '97. 

I personally feel like my style is somehow connected to this character. Maybe it's because sometimes I pick pieces that aren't for my age anymore, or maybe they are not "adult" enough. Finding characters with a style like Lolita's help me feel a bit "less alone" in some way, since they make me think that there's a chance that my style belongs to another decade. And, to be honest, that is something that makes me really happy and proud of being myself.

Thanks for reading,