My dad said: “why have you broken them? They were new!”

I answered: “I didn't wear them anyway."

Guess what I'm talking about? Yes, Jeans!

I'm sure that most of us have a pile of jeans in our closet. They're of all the types, all the shapes, all the lengths, all the colors, but do we wear all of them? Maybe half, maybe 4, maybe 2. Because jeans are like friends, we all have a lot of them, but can we consider them all our best friends?

That is what happens with jeans/trousers, the more we have, the more our predilection falls for ones or others. Because as with friends, we feel more comfortable with some ones, or maybe we just think we fit in better, or maybe we simply like them mostly for no reason.

So, at the end, it's possible that you find yourself with 20 pairs of jeans and trousers in your closet, but you just wear 3 of all them, and I even would dare to say that they're all probably similar to each other. And while all those 17 remaining pants are hanging in your wardrobe, you look like you wear the same pants every day and give yourself that same old excuse: I've got to study for the English test, too busy to get dressed-up well.

That is pretty boring, don't you think?

Now it's time for you to analyze. Why don't you wear all those poor pants sleeping on the back of your closet? After you've got a conclusion, think about this word: change. Maybe it's time to give them a chance. How? Simple: cutting them off.

 What I have basically done here is cutting the last section of these blue jeans. They were so extremely long that I didn't like wearing them, so I gave them a second chance by simply making a little change on their appearance. And voilĂ ! The same jeans, just a little bit personalized. So dad, I didn't break them, I just made them...better.

Now it's your turn. Maybe it's time to throw all those old jeans out of your closet and see what you can do with them, and how they can be worn. So now there's no excuse, you can go for that English test.

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