FROM 16 TO 17

Here is where my 16 end, and where my 17 begin. And I would like to grant both numbers some words I wish I always remember.

I don't like to count my age by years, but by good experiences. There's a thing I always try to tell myself: do things. Do the things you really love, and it won't be wasted time. Well, this is the most important thing I would like to keep in mind. You don't have to wait until new year's eve to complete your purposes, and turn them from paper into reality. You can do it day by day, trying to improve yourself and do better on the things you love. It's not just one more year, it means you grow up and beside of increasing your responsabilites it also gives you the freedom of doing what you want to do with your life, what you want to become. 

My 16s have been a year of changes, some good and some bad, but that doesn't make me regret anything I've done, because that's what life's about: CHANGE. I'm not proud of all my choices, and of course there are also lots of thing I would like to change. But here I am: 17 years old and a bunch of possibilities in front of me, lots of ways to be discovered, a hundred of choices to be taken and the best part: a whole world to be seen.

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  1. Happy birthday! wish you all the best!