As most of the human beings of this world, one of my goals to achieve this year was to be more active. And, unlike most of the human beings of this world, I DID IT! Well, technically I'm still doing it. Obviously this is not something you can do from night to day, it's hard and trust me, lots of hours have been invested on it. I'm not going to make a speech about how hard and long has it been because that is something you provably know, but I'm going to talk about one of the most important things when you work out, and this is something I have never realized until a few days ago: the clothes. And more specifically: the shoes.

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When it comes to working out (mainly running), a good pair of shoes are key. Of course you can work out with worse trainers, I actually did it for many months, but trust me when I say there's a looot of difference. I have to say these were a bit expensive but I don't regret it at all because now it feels that I walk on the air rather than on the floor. As it's shown in the first picture, getting a good body shape as well as getting a good pair of trainers (not the same thang, I know) are things that take time, but at the end we see the effort was totally worth it.




  1. You did it!! The entire human race is proud of you, Claudia. I actually stopped putting 'be more active' as a resolution as we both know there's now way I'll do it, but if it means buying these beautiful shoes, then maybe I finally will! I'm so glad that you're getting around something you've always wanted to do. Maybe for a future post, you'd expand on your work-out routine to shed some light on us clueless active-wannabes?


    1. Oh my goood, this is the best comment I've ever got. And yes I'm thinking about doing a post about my routine or something like that, it would be so cool. Absolutely love your blog, you are amazing xx