I know I recently uploaded a post about my Summer essentials, but it was kind of a different thing because I showed you some of the things that I own and that I'll be using the most during this Summer (and, by the way, this prediction was totally true). Today I'm doing a different thing since all I'll be showing you is the stuff I wish I had to go to the beach. So, in fact, it's more of a wishlist. You know how it works, things I would like to have in a future that are provably super cute and come from different stores you can find on the Internet.

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1. Cowboy Birkenstocks: One of the main things for me when I go to the beach are shoes. It's important to keep your feet protected so that you don't get hurt. I don't know if these are the most appriopriate shoes to go to the beach but I thought they were so cute anyways, so I'll definitely buy them. They are from Zara.

2. Boho Backpack: You'll love this really cool backpack from Asos if you are a fan of the boho style as I am. I think it reminds me of the indian and asian culture and that is sooo cool. It is also vintage so It gives the bag a plus. We all know how important a backpack is on a beach day, and this is the perfect one. Totally in style right now! And it can also be used to go to a festival, maybe? I don't know, just saying...

3. Crochet Dress: When the sun burn it's better to wear bright colors, they will avoid the hotness a bit, so If you are going to the beach make sure to wear colors like white, pink or yellow. I chose this super cute crochet dress from Zara to add on my wishlist.

4. Western Cross Body Bag: Okay, at this point I've realised that I'm really into cowboy inspired stuff, maybe I should live in Texas and not in Spain (I know, that sounds cool). This bag is totally amazing and provably not one of the things that is completely necessary to go to the beach, but it stills cute so I thought maybe this could be more useful to hang out with friends near the beach or somehting like that. I just think it's so summery and it goes perfectly with all the other things of my wishlist. It's from Asos.

5. Little Notebook: Not a must to go to the beach, but for me, someone who spends her days thinking about new ideas and posts to write about something like this is very important. When I go to the beach (or anywhere else) I like to carry with me a little notebook like these to write on it the ideas that come to my mind. And I found this one in Etsy that obviously needed a place in my "beach essentials wishlist".

6. Polaroid Camera: I picked up this Polaroid Camera from Urban Outfitters but you can find one of these everywhere, you can go for a look in Amazon if you want to find a cheaper one. I think instant cameras are just a great ideas, even they're from the past they're still one of the best options to keep your memories with you (literally). A day at the beach has to be filled with lots of polaroids to be a real day at the beach.

7. Cat-Eye Sunnies: Here is one of the reasons why I love Summer: sunnies. They are cute and sometimes make you look a bit better, so they're the best accessory! Long live sunnies! (maybe that's a bit weird, don't you think?).




  1. I really want to get myself a pair of cat-eye sunnies. I think they are absolutely beautiful x :) ahaha I've become such a sunglasses hoarder x

    Caitriona | Blog

  2. I love that crochet dress, it's always so hard to find the perfect beach coverup but that ticks all the boxes. Also, the polaroid camera is lovely! I just found your blog and I love it, all of your posts are really great. Can't wait to read more! x

    Zoë xx - Bramble and Lace