At this point of my life where I am right now, I feel like I've been blind during months. As many other people I follow lots of fashion blogs that help me getting inspired, the problem starts when you stop getting inspired by all these amazing bloggers and you star trying to imitate them.
When there's a thing you really like, is easy to just choose the fastest way and copy it so that you don't have to think about new ideas and take the risk of failing. Sometimes it is easier to imitate than to try to be yourself and find who you really are.
Well, I've been through this phase for a really long time. I wasn't being myself at all, even I thought it was totally me. Finally, a few days ago, it ended. I decided not to be all day scrolling through other bloggers' web pages and instagram accounts. I discovered something that I didn't want to face: I really like boho stuff, I know this is not a bad thing, but for me it was, I just wanted to fit in and be like lots of known bloggers.
It's okay, this is what I like to tell to myself now. It's okay to like different things and to be different from the others. Different things are the most special ones and being yourself should be always one of our priorities.

DSC_0552 copia DSC_0587 copia DSC_0568 copia 758 bloggggg
WEARING>> hat, shirt and booties: Springfield, shorts: Pull & Bear




  1. Really inspiring post and outfit-the new look is gorgeous!xo