Or at least I wish I was.

The truth is that since I was little I've always dreamt of being in a band while listening to those rock songs, but for now, I'll have to settle with wearing it written on my t-shirt. I think that my love for music is what mostly inspires my looks and influences me most on the way I dress. For me, you are what you listen to. That's why I've tried to keep the "rock vibes" by adding a bandana around my neck to complete the outfit. Seems pretty simple, but it gives the look a really cool touch and makes it particular and unique. And it kinda reminds me of Guns and Roses, too.
For the rest of the outfit I'm wearing a pair of jeans I personalized myself by cutting off some parts and ripping another ones and these perfect high heels I got at Mango and OH MY GOD, I love them so much! 

I may not be with the band, but I looked like a rockstar for a day. :)


O al menos me gustaría estarlo.

La verdad es que desde pequeña siempre soñé con la idea de estar en alguna banda mientras escuchaba esas canciones de rock, pero por ahora, tendré que conformarme con llevarlo escrito en mi camiseta. Creo que mi amor por la música es lo que casi siempre inspira mis outfits y más influencia mi forma de vestir. Para mi, eres lo que escuchas. Por eso he intentado mantener esas "vibraciones rockeras" añadiendo una bandana alrededor de mi cuello. Es algo muy simple, pero le da al look un toque muy guay que al mismo tiempo lo hace único y particular. Y también me recuerda un poco a Guns and Roses.
Para el resto del outfit llevo unos pantalones que yo misma he personalizado cortando algunas partes y rasgando otras y estos perfectos tacones de Mango que me encantan!!

Puede que no esté en una banda, pero al menos parecí una estrella de rock por un día. :)

imwiththeband6 imwiththeband-3 imwiththeband
I'M WEARING>> T-shirt and jeans: Pull&Bear, heels: Mango, bandana: Local store


  1. great casual look!


  2. Amazing look! Love what you did to the pants, they look so great. Also can't stop staring at these photos - they have this comfy, homey feel to them. You sure got me convinced that you're with the band!

    Andrea | Collars and Bones

  3. That top is so cool! :)
    I get where you're coming from, I also would love to be in a band but ugh, talent haha. anyway great post! Kinga x

  4. I love this look! It's soooo cool, I completely agree as well, I definitely think you are what you listen to!

    India Charlotte♥

  5. Me encantan los tacones, son una pasada :)