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Yes, all these photos were taken by me. And no, they weren't taken during the Summer of '69. Actually, they've been taken during the last few weeks.

As you have provably noticed, the content of this blog has changed a bit recently. I used to upload my outfits and all fashion related stories, but since I discovered my passion for photography was something even stronger and real I decided to show you this part of my life as well, which I really enjoy. Of course, this doesn't mean I don't like fashion anymore, I do love reading fashion related posts on other blogs as much as writing them (and I'm gonna keep on doing that too), it's just that there's something in the photography/film world that captivates me more than anything on this planet, and I want to be able to share with you both sides of who I am because that's what this blog is for: to share everything that I love.

I know I can't say I'm a really good photographer because I've just started, but the truth is that I'm not even interested in becoming the best photographer since this is something that I do for myself and, for now, I'm really proud of my work.

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