Hi everyone!!

My purpose for this week was to make a post about my Summer essentials. A pretty common topic, right?

As a regular fashion/photography blogger I was going to write a list with all those items that I consider “essential” for Summer, make cute collage with all the pictures of these things from the shops I normally buy in (Zara, Oysho, etc.) and post it on the Internet, and Tah Dah!, you could see all the innecessary things you (and I) should buy if you would like to spend a perfect Summer. Because, of course, how horrible has to be Summer without a cute hat and a pair of 30$ sandals?

Sorry but that’s not me, I don’t even need these objects to have the best Summer of my life, so making that post would be a big lie. Instead of that, I’m going to show what my real Summer essentials are:

town skyy beach days


I love sunsets. All year. You can easily tell that by my photography. But let’s talk about those spectacular sunsets by the beach, and they’re free! Florida is one beautiful place to view some beach sunsets and you can find all sorts of vacation homes right on the beachSummer is the only time of the year when you can enjoy them without freezing. Nature has a lot of ways to please us, and sunsets are one of them with no doubt.

purple spots california dreamin'


And being active is a must. We’ve been at home during all winter, dreaming (and tweeting) about those sunny days, so take advatage of them while we can! Being outside and surrounded by nature is one of my favorite things in this world, so I like to make the most of Summer with long walks at the beach or forest hiking. It makes my body and my mind feel so good.

morning little paradise

Feed yourself, and feed your mind as well. For me, a good book is key in Summer. I’m currently reading Armada by Ernest Cline, and I just pre-ordered Almost Adulting by Arden Rose, so I think this is going to be my first Summer read this year. 

heart pin


No college means more free time. That’s perfect for cultivating my creativity. I really like making DIYs, specially those to add to my bedroom. Last Summer I started making some clay jewelry dishes and pins and I’m currently selling them on Etsy. So you can take a look here if you’re interested.


Last but not least, my truly Summer essential: taking photos. Photography is my passion. Have the best Summer of your life, but don’t forget to capture it with your camera so you can keep the memories for the rest of your life. This photo is from one of the photoshoots I did last Summer with a friend. 

So far my Summer essentials. I really hope you enjoyed this post, since I tried to make it a bit different from my latest publications. Now, I would like to know you’re opinion. What are your REAL Summer essentials? 

See you soon, Claudia.  :)

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  1. Nice photos!